In this article, I will tell you HOW TO CHARGE LAPTOP BATTERY MANUALLY?

At these times, laptops are great, but if you face a nightmare of not charging the laptop battery or dying from work standby. To make matters worse, the power cord of the laptop was lost.

You may encounter many problems, so you must check the battery or even manually charge the laptop battery. Although you can afford to replace the power cord or solve trivial issues, it may take some time to resolve or order new parts.

It can be dangerous if you cannot access a laptop with work or personal files. Fortunately, some hacking tools can save you time and help you unconventionally charge your laptop’slaptop’s battery.

The problem led you here.

You may be wondering how or why your laptop will stop charging. There may be many reasons why the battery cannot be charged, such as:

  • Battery life may be full.
  • The charger may be faulty.
  • The charging cable or laptop port may be loose.
  • The internal power connector may be damaged.
  • The wall outlet may be out of power.

Ensure you have gone through all the possibilities mentioned to find the right solution for your specific problem.

Let’s Let’s take a closer look at the available options for manually charging the laptop.

How to charge a laptop using USB-C

When looking for other ways to charge batteries other than laptops, USB charging is the first thing people look for. Unfortunately, the USB port is just the opposite, the device is charged from a laptop (such as a mobile phone), or information is copied between devices connected to it.

However, technological progress in recent years has dramatically changed things. The emergence of USB Type-C makes other ways of charging laptops possible.

For this method to work, all you need is a USB-C type charger cable, which everyone can use now, or one can easily be bought cheaply in the market. However, the most important thing to note here is to make sure that your laptop has a USB-C port and can charge it. Asus’Asus’ new Dell XPS 13, 13-inch MacBook Pro, Asus’Asus’ Chromebook Flip C302, and almost all upcoming new laptops offer USB-C charging.

Use the universal power adapter.

If the previous USB option is not suitable, the universal AC adapter may help you solve the problem. Before continuing, here are two things to note. Although universal AC adapters are not entirely a solution for portable laptop chargers, you need to be careful because it can be dangerous.

The manufacturer uses its custom adapter to build the battery, so using third-party solutions may pose a safety hazard to the laptop or you.

The problem here is that universal adapters are not entirely universal, so you need to make sure that the adapter you choose is compatible with the laptop you have. Universal adapters provide an alternative method of charging laptops, but they only support specific models.

Some models are designed for Dell laptops, Chromebooks, and HP laptops, but you will not be able to find a specific model designed for your laptop model. Even if you find one, you should read the reviews and make sure that the customer will not encounter any problems or not work after use.

Use An Air Adapter

Specific modern laptop models can be charged by connecting to a universal charger designed for cars or airplanes. However, after using this solution, you will have to drive a car or use it on an airplane. Just like when charging a laptop with a USB cable, here you need to make sure that the universal adapter used can work with the laptop.

As with any non-standard charging solution, you need to make sure that the car charger you choose works appropriately.

External Battery Pack (Power Bank)

Of course, for modern laptops, you can choose to use portable power to charge the battery. Laptops that support the USB Type-C charging port can charge the battery using a battery or only a mobile power source.

Older laptops that only have a built-in power jack will not take advantage of this reasonably new specification that supports remote and hassle-free charging.

Buy new battery

If all options are exhausted, you can choose to purchase additional batteries online or offline from the laptop manufacturer. Remember that you need to buy a battery with an adapter port similar to your current laptop battery. Please check the battery and other specifications before placing an order.

Therefore, when you buy a new laptop battery, you can quickly charge it externally through the AC adapter port.

Notebook battery charging instructions

Cover the battery-avoid overheating

Nowadays, most batteries are lithium batteries, potentially dangerous when operated outside of a notebook computer. When trying to charge the battery manually, please cover the battery correctly.

Exposure to the sun is dangerous.

Use any of the above methods even when using solar panels to charge the battery. Keep the battery away from direct sunlight, as this will complicate your affairs. Even during a hacker attack, security should come first.

Do not mix threads

When making the necessary arrangements, remember to pay close attention to the wires. Do not mix wires, as this may lead to dangerous results. If misconnected, lithium batteries are more likely to explode.

Calibrate MacBook battery

Calibration is a technique that makes full use of MacBook batteries. As time passed, the battery could not determine how much juice was left in the battery and showed abnormal behavior signs. To resolve this issue, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Plug in the AC adapter. After charging is complete, the adapter indicator light changes from orange (charging in progress) to green (fully charged).

Step 2: Even if the LED turns green, plug in the adapter for at least 2 hours.

Step 3: Unplug the AC power adapter.

Step 4:

  1. Fully discharge the battery.
  2. Let it run and close it yourself.
  3. Use or directly exit the “System Preferences” setting.

Step 5: After fully discharging, wait another 5 hours while the computer sleeps. Let the processor detect absolute zero power.

Step 6: Reconnect the AC adapter to the MacBook. The battery has been recalibrated.


When you want to charge the battery manually, the techniques mentioned above can help you solve the battery problem. Batteries are a somewhat problematic device because they are needed continuously on the move and can go downhill. It is always recommended to maintain the battery before it is too late.

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